Overcoming Fear Anxiety and Stress collection in Gold on Black
Overcoming Fear Anxiety and Stress collection pack image with 5 cds & workbook
Fear, anxiety and stress ruin the lives of so many people. Of course there are situations when such emotions are entirely
appropriate, but many people are plagued by fears not of real but of imaginary dangers and problems. They have fallen into the
habit of negative imaginings.

The Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Stress Hypnosis Collection from the Darren Stephens Personal Enhancement Series was
developed to provide an effective and powerful way for you to take command of your emotional responses and rise up to meet the challenges life throws at you.
In this series you will be introduced to a powerful technique that anyone can use to effectively and confidently manage anxious or stressful situations. This hypnosis collection is one of the best ways to master this technique.
Darren Stephens, with over 25 years experience in the field and recognised as one of the World’s Fastest Hypnotists, has developed this breakthrough range of tools to help people achieve their goals and live the life they were born to live.
He recognises that Your Mindset is the key to your success. Getting your mindset right will help you to clarify your goals and help you take action to achieve them now.
This collection includes these 5 tracks essential for anyone hoping to improve their emotional responses to life’s challenges:
Description of contents of 5 cds
This breakthrough program allows you to connect with and experience the power of the unconscious mind and its vital role in your  ongoing Wealth, Success, Health and Well being.
Put the Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Stress Hypnosis Collection on your shelf today!
Who is Darren Stephens?
Over the past 25 years Darren through his consulting, international speaking events, marketing systems and psychological work
has transformed the lives of millions of people from all walks of life, from fortune 500 CEO's
to celebrities, presidents, members of royalty, authors, speakers and elite sports athletes
and champions.
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